SME and Enterprise Hosting

Outsourcing & Efficiency

Acquired: 2015

Intelligent is the Benelux market leader for hosting services for SMEs and large enterprises. The SME branch of the group includes trusted brands such as Combell, Register, Easyhost and Stone IS. Services include domain names, regular web hosting and e-mail services. For large enterprises, the group operates under the brand names Sentia and ReasonNet, providing cloud servers and tailored complex hosting and outsourcing solutions.

The group employs more than 300 experts who work from different locations in Ghent (BE), Brussels (BE), Nieuwegein (NL), Barendrecht (NL) and Amsterdam (NL). In the coming years, the group intends to continue to grow, both organically and through acquisitions. The group strongly believes in deep product knowledge and stands for quality and trust.

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