Waterland new owner of Attero

Waterland Private Equity Investments is the new owner of Attero, the market leader in the Netherlands in processing and recycling various waste flows. The Supervisory Board of Attero has appointed Paul Ganzeboom (49) as the CEO of Attero as of 1 June.

At the end of 2012, the former shareholders of Attero (six provinces and 116 municipalities) began the process of selling the venture. Waterland, an independent Dutch private equity company, was selected as the prospective new owner in December 2013 after a careful selection process. Over recent months, the provincial and municipal shareholders have been able to decide individually on selling their shares to Waterland. In the end, 99.93% of the shares were offered for sale and only the municipality of Bedum in the province of Groningen decided not to sell at this point. The shares were transferred on 27 May 2014.


Appointment of the new CEO

The Supervisory Board of Attero has appointed Paul Ganzeboom (49) as the CEO of Attero as of 1 June 2014. From 2006 to date, he was CEO of the Dutch-American company Norit/Cabot, at the Activated Carbon EAPA division (Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa and South America).  Under his leadership, Norit grew strongly in terms of both turnover and profitability. Prior to that, he held a variety of board-level positions, for example at the Swiss company Bystronic/Conzzeta, a sheet metalworking business with international operations, and the Swedish company Trelleborg, as well as Hoogovens. Paul Ganzeboom has a background in mechanical engineering (University of Twente) and he obtained his MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management / Erasmus University in Rotterdam and the University of Michigan in America.


Focus on strengthening the position

“The acquisition of Attero is an important platform investment in a new market for Waterland,” says Rob Thielen, founder and chairman of Waterland Private Equity Investments, “and it fits in exceptionally well with our investment focus on sustainability. We want to be able to contribute significantly to the further strengthening of Attero’s competitive position and expanding it in the Netherlands, and possibly internationally as well. Recycling and raw material reclamation from waste flows is a dynamic market that offers plenty of opportunities. Attero is the market leader in initial and further separation of waste flows, reclaiming raw materials and energy production from waste, as well as sustainable recycling of residual waste. That is an excellent foundation for enhancing and broadening the company’s position over the coming years.”

Jacques Huberts, who is relinquishing his role as chairman of the Supervisory Board of Attero, says, “The transfer of shares to Waterland on 27 May 2014 means that a long-standing wish of the public shareholders has been fulfilled. In the Supervisory Board, we have been working successfully towards this over the last five years, together with the board of Attero. We would like to thank the new shareholder Waterland for the confidence it has shown in Attero as a company.”

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