Acute Clinics

Ageing Population

Invested: 2016

ATOS is a group of somatic acute clinics and includes currently seven specialized orthopedic clinics in Braunfels, Heidelberg, Cologne (2x), Hamburg and Munich (2x). The clinics offer renowned high medical quality and combine a total of approximately 430 beds and more than 600 employees. The ATOS group was generated in 2016 by carving out three specialized acute clinics from the MEDIAN group in order to give these successful clinics more room and more focus for their further development.

With Waterland’s support ATOS will establish a new network of specialized hospitals and actively pursue further growth through the envisaged acquisition of other specialized acute clinics in the size segment of up to 100 beds. Next to the current focus on elective orthopedic surgeries such as arthroplasty, other indications could be added in future. Due to a close integration of physicians as shareholders or in medical boards, ATOS offers an attractive platform for physicians and clinic operators.

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